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Pesticide Control and Related Information

Pesticide Control

Pesticide Registration and Control

Amendment of the Pesticides Ordinance

Application for Pesticide Licence

Pesticides Licensee List

Application for Pesticide Permit

Application for the Registration of a Pesticide

Application for Pesticide Import/Export Licence
(Trade & Industry Dept. Form 3/Form 6)

Fees List (PDF format) 

Registered Pesticides List - Part I

Registered Pesticides List - Part II

List of Scheduled Pesticides

List of Deregistered Pesticides (PDF format)

A Guide to the Definition of Pesticide under the Pesticides Ordinance (PDF format)

Notes on Chinese Common Name of Pesticides

A Guide to Labelling of Pesticides (PDF format) 

Safety Guidelines for Storage of Pesticides (PDF format) 

Notes on Antifouling Paint

Notes on Aerosol Pesticide Products containing LPG

Notes on Insecticide Products and Wood Preservatives containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) 

Related Information

For more information about pest control, you may visit the website of Food and Environmental Hygiene Department:

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