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Growing Organic Sweet Pepper
Cultivation environment : Locally, it is good to grow sweet pepper from September to April. It germinates well between 25-30℃ and its fruit grows best at 20-25℃. A great temperature difference between day and night would intensify the sweet flavour of the fruits.

The plant grows best in thick, rich and well-drained sandy loam or clay loam with a pH value between 5.5 ~ 6.8.
Planting and spacing :

Choose strong seedlings to transplant. Germination takes about 7~10 days. The seedlings can be transplanted when coming into 4~6 true leaves(21~30 days after sowing).

Plant and row spacing should be about 2 feet and 4 feet respectively.

Application of fertilizer and management :

Apply 1000 kg compost, peanut cake and bone meal each 90 kg to each d.c. as basal dressing.

Apply 15g of organic fertiliser (N:P:K=4:3:3) to each plant as top dressing 2 weeks after transplanting. After that, apply fertiliser once every 2 weeks until the first pepper appears. Apply 15 g of organic fertiliser (N:P:K=9:3:7) every 2 weeks to each plant during the fruiting stage until the plant stops growing. Spray a suitable amount of liquid fertiliser to the leaves during the growth period may enhance plant and fruit growth.

Maintain appropriate water supply throughout the growth period. The soil should not be too wet or too dry.

Provision of greenhouse and netting can protect the sweet pepper from the attack of pests.

(1 d.c.= 674 square metres or 7,260 square feet)

Training and fruit retention : Two-stems or three-stems training methods are beneficial for fruit growth. Remove all the peppers growing from the lower nodes and retain only those growing between the 3rd - 5th nodes.

Large species: May keep 10-12 peppers by stages for each plant, lest the fruit size will be affected.
Harvesting :

It takes about 70 – 100 days from transplanting to harvesting, depending on the species grown. Pick only the fully-coloured sweet peppers.

Horticulture Section, AFCD

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Last Review Date : 11 July 2018