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Farm Improvement Scheme


A Farm Improvement Scheme (FIS) is set up under SADF to provide direct grants to local farmers for acquisition of farming equipment and materials for helping farmers improve their farming efficiency and productivity.



An applicant must be a resident or a registered company/organisation of Hong Kong and operate a crop farm engaged in commercial production of not less than 1 dau chung (d.c.) or a licensed livestock farm in Hong Kong.
To prevent double benefit, applications should be made on a one grant per farm basis; a successful applicant, as well as his/her spouse, is not eligible for further grant under FIS even if he/she and his/her spouse own(s) more than one farm, or subsequently acquire(s), rent(s) or relocate(s) to a different farm.
An applicant would need to provide proofs to certify that his/her farm is an operating farm for commercial production. Please refer to Annex 2 to the Application Guideline for the acceptable proofs.
Only equipment and materials shortlisted by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department for FIS and put to use in the applicant’s farm are eligible for application for grant. Please refer to Annex 2 to the Application Guideline for the list of farm equipment and materials.



Amount of Grant

The grant will be issued on a reimbursement basis and will cover up to 80% of the cost of each piece of eligible equipment and materials purchased, i.e. the successful applicant is required to bear at least 20% of the cost. The total maximum grant that an applicant may receive is capped at $30,000, irrespective of the number of items sought.


Supplies of farm machinery / equipment

Applicants may choose and purchase their own farm machinery/equipment, and some suppliers are listed as below for their reference. The inclusion of any suppliers in the list does not in any way imply endorsement or recommendation by the Hong Kong SAR Government.

List of Suppliers of Farm Machinery

List of Maintenance Service Providers of Farm Machinery

Suppliers and maintenance service providers of farm machinery may contact the Plant Protection Section of  Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department at 2674 4354 / 2670 1161 in order to amend any information they have provided or to include themselves into the list of suppliers/service providers.

Other Information

For the application form and the processing of applications under this scheme, please refer to the Application Details of this website or Annex 2 of the Application Guideline.

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