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Blueprint for the Sustainable Development of Agriculture and Fisheries



The Government has all along attached great importance to the development of local agriculture and fisheries industries.  It was mentioned in the Chief Executive’s 2022 and 2023 Policy Addresses that the Environment and Ecology Bureau would work hand in hand with the agriculture and fisheries industries to formulate a Blueprint for the Sustainable Development of Agriculture and Fisheries (“the Blueprint”). The Government, together with major local agriculture and fisheries organisations jointly organised and participated in about 20 consultation sessions and thematic seminars to gather opinions from the industries to formulate the Blueprint.


The Blueprint presents the industries’ vision for the future sustainable development of local agriculture and fisheries.  It serves as both a comprehensive development plan, which consolidates sector expertise, and also a strong commitment from the Government to support and promote the growth of these industries.  Through the specific measures to be implemented in  eight major areas of development, we hope to promote market orientation of the industries, leverage their strengths and achieve economies of scale while fostering sustainable development of the industries through professional division of labour, mutual support amongst trade organisations as well as support and ancillary services provided by the Government.


We will work in collaboration with the trade to actively implement the measures outlined in the Blueprint, for promoting the industries to adopt sustainable modes of operation, enabling the industries to cope with the changing business environment, integrating into the overall development of our country, with a view to achieving more diversified development of the industries.