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Biodiversity events

Hong Kong Biodiversity Festival 2015 - Cherish Nature
(Past Event)
Meet Our Mascots
Activities at a Glance
Hong Kong Biodiversity Carnival 2015
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To raise public awareness and interest in local biodiversity, the Environment Bureau, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD), local universities, non-governmental organisations(NGOs) and green groups jointly organise the first ‘Hong Kong Biodiversity Festival 2015 – Cherish Nature’ (HKBF 2015). Running for three months from 22 August to 15 November, the HKBF 2015 offers over 120 programmes and activities in four main categories, namely Special Activity Series, Exhibition and Seminar Series, Workshop and Nature Tour Series as well as Competition and Volunteering Programme Series, that are suitable for families and individuals.

Meet Our HKBF Mascots
Name : Forrest
Age : 12
Character : Active, adventurous
Hobbies : Photography, hiking
Name : Flora
Age : 5
Character : Curious, cheerful
Hobbies : Reading nature books, drawing
Name : Clawdius
Scientific Name : Nanhaipotamon hongkongense
Address : Hong Kong secondary forests
Characteristic : Endemic to Hong Kong; walks fast
Name : Clowny
Common Name : Yellowtail Clownfish
Scientific Name : Amphiprion clarkii
Address : Home of sea anemone@Hong Kong coral community
Characteristic : Loves tidying up the home of sea anemone
Name : Frogita
Common Name : Green Cascade Frog
Scientific Name : Odorrana chloronota
Address : Hill streams throughout Hong Kong
Characteristic : Jumping expert
Name : Jade
Common Name : Common Kingfisher
Scientific Name : Alcedo atthis
Address : Hong Kong wetland
Characteristic : Fishing expert
Activities at a Glance
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Special Activity Series

The Special Activity Series cover a wide range of activities, including Family Days, Biodiversity Public Lectures and the Hong Kong Biodiversity Carnival 2015.

The first Hong Kong Biodiversity Carnival 2015 with public seminars, closing ceremony, workshop booths, bird-watching guided tours, and guided tree walks will be held on 15 November in the Piazza of Kowloon Park and Lecture Hall of Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre. Participants can redeem special edition souvenirs on-site by collecting designated number of stamps. Children and parents should not miss it!

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Exhibition and Seminar Series

The exhibitions and seminars cover a variety of topics including butterflies, fishpond ecology, geo-conservation, marine ecology and conservation, nature photography, orchids and protection of endangered species etc.

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Workshop and Nature Tour Series

There is a variety of activities covered by workshops and nature tours which help you learn more about our local biodiversity and its importance.

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Competition and Volunteer Programme Series

Enroll yourself in various photo competitions and volunteer ambassador programmes to show your interest and commitment in nature conservation!

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Hong Kong Biodiversity Carnival 2015

The Hong Kong Biodiversity Carnival 2015 has ended successfully with the participation of our partnering and supporting organisations on 15 November at Kowloon Park. The Carnival comprised a range of activities that aimed at raising public awaresness and interest in local biodiversity. Check out the snapshots of the events (click to enlarge) here:

Partnering Organisations
Supporting Organisations
Know More about Biodiversity

Download our programme booklet to get handy information on the HKBF 2015 events.