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Area 1 – Enhancing conservation measures


We want to build upon the existing conservation measures and adapt them in response to changing environments. Emphasis will be placed on enhancing the management of the existing protected areas to maintain healthy ecosystems for delivering ecosystem services. Community buy-in and stakeholder engagement in biodiversity conservation work, through MA or PPP schemes for example, remain an area to focus on, while other innovative and collaborative measures that could enhance the conservation of ecologically important sites outside the protected areas will be explored. Actions are also formulated to target local species requiring specific attention, as well as endangered species threatened by illegal activities.

26 Specific Actions under Area 1
1. Designation of The Brothers Marine Park in December 2016
2. Long-term conservation of Sha Lo Tung through non-in-situ land exchange
3. Drainage Services Department carried out trial eco-enhancements at Lower Lam Tsuen River
4. Guidelines for formulation of Species Action Plans published in March 2018
5. Incense Tree Species Action Plan finalised in May 2018