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Area 2 – Mainstreaming biodiversity


Biodiversity mainstreaming refers to incorporating considerations for biodiversity conservation in sectoral plans, such as those of agriculture and fisheries, and cross-sectoral plans, such as sustainable development and climate change adaptation.

Being a long-term and incremental process requiring sustained efforts on various fronts, mainstreaming biodiversity is one of the main focuses in the first BSAP of Hong Kong. We will continue to carry on initiatives kicked off in 2013 to mainstream biodiversity within the Government. Relevant bureaux and departments will continue to incorporate biodiversity considerations into their business according to the particular situations of Hong Kong. Pioneers from different sectors will also be encouraged to share experiences on the potential for sustainable operation in bringing environmental, social and economic gains.

15 Specific Actions under Area 2
Supporting Education Bureau (EDB) to demonstrate role of biodiversity in Smart City together with Drainage Services Department (DSD) and Construction Industry Council (CIC)
  • AFCD, DSD and CIC collaborated to deliver a training   on “Smart City and Biodiversity”, in support of EDB’s Smart City Project Programme 2017/2018.
  • Participating students and teachers visited Kowloon City Sewage Pumping Station No.1 and learnt how the greening and grey water recycling features of the Station supported biodiversity, and contributed to the sustainability of the infrastructure.
  • Participants also visited the Zero Carbon Building and learnt the importance and composition of Hong Kong’s first urban native woodland, as well as how other Smart Cities tackle the challenges of climate change.
Invited lecture on biodiversity in Hong Kong Flower Show 2018
  • AFCD was invited by Leisure and Cultural Services Department to speak about “Making Our Gardens More Biodiversity-friendly” and “Native Forest Vegetation in Hong Kong” in the Seminar on Greening of this year’s Hong Kong Flower Show.
  • Topics covered include principles of enhancing urban biodiversity, ways of making habitats attractive to wildlife, examples of native plants useful to wildlife, and an overview of vegetation types and features of forests in Hong Kong.