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Area 3 – Improving our knowledge


Knowledge is critical to good decision-making. It ensures that right decisions are made at the right time, and resources are used effectively to bring about desired outcomes. Recognising that filling in knowledge gaps, for example through assessments or scientific research, is an essential but time-consuming step underlying other biodiversity conservation actions, we take improving knowledge as one of the action areas in the first BSAP of Hong Kong. This area covers initiatives from generating information and consolidating existing data, to collaborating with partners for establishing an information-sharing platform and supporting projects through relevant funding sources.

13 Specific Actions under Area 3
Creating a biodiversity information hub
  • In January 2018, AFCD organised a stakeholder workshop to gauge views from various stakeholders, including academics, NGOs and environmental consultants on creating a biodiversity information hub and GIS platform. Currently AFCD is making preparations for creating of the Hub.



Compiling a List of Threatened Species for Hong Kong
  • The institutional framework for compiling the Hong Kong List of Threatened Species has been formulated. Experts for different taxonomic groups, including AFCD officers and experts from academic institutes or other organisations, were also appointed as assessors and reviewers in May 2018
  • AFCD has arranged training for the personnel involved in the assessment in late May to early June 2018.


Management Agreement (MA) projects that promote traditional knowledge for conservation of biodiversity continue to be implemented