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Area 4 – Promoting community involvement


While knowledge informs action, it is awareness and appreciation of biodiversity that generates the will to conserve it. Connecting people with nature and encouraging their involvement in conserving and sustainably using biodiversity are therefore important focuses in our first BSAP. As creating and fostering a biodiversity-friendly momentum in the community requires sustained effort, we expect that this will be a long-term and collaborative process.

The Government will work with sectoral partners, tertiary institutes and NGOs to deliver activities that emphasise experiential learning and direct participation in conservation work, to instil a sense of stewardship of biodiversity among participants. The Government will also continue to support incorporating the concept of biodiversity into school education, so that our future generation will have the will and knowledge to carry on biodiversity conservation.

13 Specific Actions under Area 4
1. Hong Kong Biodiversity Festival
2. Sustainable Consumption of Biological Resources
3. The Biodiversity Gallery in the Hong Kong Science Museum
Hong Kong Biodiversity Festival

Hong Kong Biodiversity Festival is a flagship event for promoting local biodiversity which has been jointly organised by the Environment Bureau and Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department in partnership with public and private sectors and non-governmental organisations annually since 2015.

In 2017, the three-month Festival was held with 40 partner organisations, offering more than 100 activities including workshops, eco-tours, seminars and an exhibition, attracting over 125 000 participants.

One of the Festival’s highlights – a “Nature Around Us” Art Exhibition – brought Hong Kong’s rich biodiversity to downtown through nature-inspired artworks created by local artists. Seminars, workshops and movie screening were also organised to inspire the public with fascinating colours of local biodiversity.

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