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Western Pacific Workshop on Policy, Enforcement and Sustainable Trade for the CITES Appendix II – Listed Humphead/Napoleon wrasse, Cheilinus undulatus

The workshop was co-organized by WWF, IUCN - the World Conservation Union, TRAFFIC and the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD), the Management Authority of Hong Kong SAR on 5 – 7 June 2006. This three-day workshop took place in Hong Kong and included participants from all the major consumer and source places of Humphead Wrasse (Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong SAR and Papua New Guinea), as well as representatives from FAO and Hong Kong's seafood traders, to discuss the control of the international trade in Humphead Wrasse, the practical methods of making the trade both legal and sustainable and also promoting increased awareness among the fisheries industry and consumers.

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