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Wild Monkeys of Hong Kong

Wild Monkeys


Longtailed Macaque
Rhesus Macaque
Rhesus Macaque
Long-tailed Macaque
Longtailed Macaque
  • Wild monkeys are mainly distributed in Kam Shan, Lion Rock, Shing Mun Country Parks and Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve in Hong Kong. The monkey species living in Hong Kong are Rhesus Macaque (Macaca mulatta), Long-tailed Macaque (M. fascicularis) and their hybrids.
  • Hong Kong falls within the range of natural distribution of the Rhesus Macaque (Macaca mulatta). However, the original wild stock is believed to have become extirpated. The existing wild monkey populations are considered as the descendants of the individuals which have been introduced to the Kowloon Hills, i.e. Kam Shan and Lion Rock Country Parks in the 1910s. It is believed that the Rhesus Macaques have been re-introduced to Hong Kong to control the spread of a local poisonous plant, the strychnos. Someone worried that the strychnos’ fruit, which are toxic to human, may poison the water in the reservoir. However, the fruits are not poisonous to the monkeys and in fact, they are one of the favorite food of monkeys. Beside the Rhesus Macaque, a few individuals of the Long-tailed Macaque (M. fascicularis) have also been released to the same area in 1950s which have led to the crossbreeding between these two Macaca species. Nevertheless, these wild monkeys adapted to the environment well and they formed a famous monkey population in the Kowloon Hills which is also known as “Monkey Hill” to most locals.




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