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AFCD organizes different types of educational and publicity activities for the public and schools.  It aims to provide more opportunities for the public to gain a better understanding on coastal ecosystem of Ting Kok.  Through these activities, we hope to encourage local communities to support marine conservation in Hong Kong and to help conserve the uniqueness of our marine heritage. 


"Light of Tolo Channel and Plover Cove" Photography Competition 2019

Tolo Appreciation 2019

Ting Kok+ Ambassador 2019

Ting Kok Coastal Clean-up Activity 2019

Ting Kok Eco-tours 2019  


Ting Kok+ YouTube Channel and Facebook

Follow us on our Ting Kok + YouTube Channel and Facebook where you can find footage on Ting Kok + related activities and events.   


Past Events

"Light of Tolo Channel and Plover Cove" Photography Competition 2018

Ting Kok+ Appreciation 2018

Tolo Appreciation 2017

【Winter Activity】- Brid Watching in Ting Kok (18 Dec 2016)

"The Ocean's New Clothes" T-shirt Graphic Design Competition 2016 (4 Dec 2016) 

【Autumn Activity】-Pat Sin Leng Hiking (27 Nov 2016)

【Autumn Activity】- Ma Shi Chau Eco Tour (29 Sept 2016) 

Ting Kok Marine Life Carnival 2016 (24 and 25 Sept 2016)

Prize Presentation Ceremony of "Light of Tolo Channel and Plover Cove" Photography Competition 2016 (9 Oct 2016)

【Summer Activity】- Tern Watching at Tolo Channel (16 July 2016)
【Summer Activity】-  Experiencing fishermen’s Culture in Sam Mun Tsai (28 May and 25 June 2016)
Nature Photography Eco-tour (II) (21 May 2016)
Nature Photography Public Seminar (II) (15 May 2016)

【Spring Activity】 Tour to Island House (12 Mar 2016)
 “Eco-adventure to Ting Kok” Field Study Activity (11 Mar 2016) 
【Spring Activity】 Experiencing Aquaponics in Eco-garden (5 Mar and 19 Mar 2016)
【Ting Kok + Whole Year Appreciation 2016】- Kick-off Ceremony (5 Mar 2016)
Nature Photography Eco-tour (I) (6 Feb 2016) 
Nature Photography Public Seminar (I) (23 Jan 2016)
Ting Kok Field Study Activity (20 - 21 Nov 2015)

Ting Kok Coastal Cleanup (24 Oct 2015)

"Ting Kok Coastal Conservation Plan" Roving Exhibition at Hong Kong Wetland Park (12 - 17 Aug 2015)  
Prize Presentation Ceremony of "Ocean Protection starts with us" - Web Banner Design Competition 2015 (9 Aug 2015)
"Ting Kok Coastal Conservation Plan" Roving Exhibition at City University of Hong Kong (20 - 24 July 2015)  

Children。Ocean。Love。Together (CO2) (5 July 2015)
Public Talk on "The Underwater World of Hong Kong" (24 Apr 2015)  
"Ting Kok Coastal Conservation Plan" Roving Exhibition at EdUHK (22 - 24 Apr 2015)  
Visit to Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve and Ting Kok Coastal Cleanup (18 Apr 2015)

Ting Kok Coastal Eco-tour and Hiking (29 Dec 2014)
Shuen Wan Coastal Cleanup (4 Oct 2014)

Prize Presentation Ceremony of Marine Conservation Code Pattern Design Competition for Secondary and Primary Schools 2014 (28 Aug 2014)

Ting Kok Coastal Cleanup and Eco-tour (17 May 2014)

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