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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Student Project Enquiries
  - Answers of student project enquiries could be found in our web site. Please click the following link to find your answers: Figures, Country Code, Introduction of Country Parks, Facilities, Regulations, Education Services, Eco information, Hill Fire, Plantation.
  - If you need further information, please email to us. It would be helpful to include the research proposal, a list of literature studied and definitions of terms used.
  - As photos of country parks and eco life are copyrighted, requests for such photos would be rejected.
  - You are suggested to read the Country Park regulations before carrying out any survey about soil, plants and animals. Remember to apply a permit if necessary.


Use of Photos and Videos on Web

  - All country park photos/videos on our web are copyrighted, and some of the photos/ videos are owned by individual. Use of these photos/ videos for commercial purpose is strictly prohibited. Please click here to contact the Photo Library of Information Services Department for details on using or purchase of the photos.
  - Please credit "Source: Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department" if you share any related information to others.
  - You are welcome to hyperlink our web page.
3. Greening Activities
  - The Country Park authority arranged activities for individual public in some occasion. Please browse What's new section.
4. Country Parks Transport Information
  - How to get there, please browse Country Parks Transport Information, Country Parks profile or homepages of public transport companies.
5. Opinions and Complaints
  - You may complain damage of facilities and litter problem through email. Please state clearly the date, time and location that you discovered the problem. It would be helpful if you can send us a photo (640 x 480, 72dpi) and leave your name and contact telephone number.
6. Country Park Regulation
  - Regulation laid down in the Country Parks Ordinances are intended to benefit the increasing number, and different interests, of the many people who enjoy the parks. These regulations control important matters such as the use of vehicles, lighting fires, washing in streams, and erecting tents away from the designated campsites. We hope that, with common sense and sensible civic-mindedness, all park users will continue to enjoy the Country Parks - which are for all of us to share, benefit from and protect.
  - If you wish to carry out the restricted activities under special circumstances, you may apply a permit.
7. Map of Country Parks
  - To produce a clear effective web site, we cannot provide maps with every detail. The Countryside Series Maps, produced by the maps office, are excellent aids for planning hikes.
8. Booklets and Leaflets
  - In order to protect our environment and enhance resources allocation, the printing of booklets and leaflets has been suspended. Information of the Country Parks, such as facilities, eco-life, transport, regulation, hiking route and country code has been uploaded to our web page.
9. Barbecue Facilities
  - All barbecue facilities inside Country Parks are free of charge.
10. Camp Sites
  - There are many camp sites inside Country Parks. Facilities, like tables, benches, toilets and water sources can be found at most of these sites. Public may enjoy the facilities free of charge according to the first-come-first-serve basis.
11. Country Park Visitor Centres
  - Visiting the Country Park Visitor Centres is free of charge. Click here to browse the opening hours.
12. Hiking
  - You are recommended to use maintained footpath only.
  - Click here to browse the hiking trails inside country parks.
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