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Our Work


Country Parks - Management Divisions


  • Planning, management, building and maintenance of recreational facilities,
  • Tree planting and vegetation management,
  • Hill fire fighting,
  • Management of Tai Tong Nursery,
  • Process of development applications.




Recreational Facilities


Trail Maintenance


Mountain Bike Trail Management


Tree planting


Hill Fire Fighting


Tai Tong Nursery



Country Parks Ranger Services Divisions


  • Visitor services and education,
  • Law enforcement,
  • Management of visitor centres,
  • Patrolling of country parks and special areas,
  • Promotion of nature conservation.
  • Supervision of development inside Country Parks



 Promotion of nature conservation



Geopark Division


  • Planning and management of Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark,
  • Conservation of geological, ecological, tangible and intangible cultural heritage in a holistic manner,
  • Popularisation of Earth Science,
  • Engagement with geopark communities for local sustainable development,
  • Networking with other geoparks.


 Planning and management of Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark

 Conservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage

 Popularisation of Earth Science

 Engagement with geopark communities

 NetworkinNetworking with other geoparks



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