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Marine Parks Ambassador Scheme



Marine Parks Ambassador Scheme aims to provide a medium for the public to understand the concept of marine conservation and the functions of marine parks. Through the activities, participants will learn the importance of marine conservation and are willing to contribute to the marine conservation works and support our management on marine parks.


The first batch of marine parks in Hong Kong were designated in 1996. This laid a new milestone of marine conservation in Hong Kong. By June 2022, 7 marine parks and 1 marine reserve have been designated in Hong Kong.

Marine Parks are established for conservation, education and recreation purpose. It provides a chance for the public to learn and support marine conservation. Marine Parks Ambassador Scheme is therefore implemented. To increase the public's understanding of marine conservation and the functions of marine parks, which in turn gaining support from the public for marine conservation works and the management of marine parks in Hong Kong. 

Mission of Marine Parks Ambassador

  • To be a conservation-minded person
  • To help promote the marine conservation and support the marine parks programme in Hong Kong
  • To serve the community in particular in marine conservation aspects
  • To work with other nature conservation enthusiasts and share your precious experience with your friends and family.
  • To work with other ambassadors to build-up a better marine environment in Hong Kong

Application for the Marine Parks Ambassador Scheme is Now Accepted

Road to be a Marine Parks Ambassador

  1. Interest in Marine Parks and Marine Conservation issue.
  2. Now studying in University or other Tertiary Institute (18 years old or above).
  3. Submit the online application form .
  4. Attend a basic training course of Marine Parks Ambassador Scheme.
  5. Pass a short quiz after the training (All in multiple choice format; passing mark is 80%).
  6. Declare to become a Marine Parks Ambassador.

Marine Parks Ambassadors Scheme is composed of 3 major elements, ambassadors are encouraged to learn, to implement and to promote marine conservation through these 3 elements:

  • Training
  • Services
  • Awards


Basic Training 
Basic training course is designed for participants to acquire knowledge of marine parks and marine conservation in Hong Kong. It provides a fundamental knowledge for marine parks ambassadors to provide services and other marine conservation programmes in future.

Other training courses
More training courses, including both the interest and technical courses, will be designed to equip the ambassadors to become a versatile person and contribute to different marine conservation programmes.


This is an interactive part which allows the ambassadors to put what they learn from the training in practice. Ambassadors could gain impressive experience from different marine conservation works like briefing, implementation and post-activities evaluation. Tentatively, the service programmes include marine parks and non-marine parks beach cleanup, marine conservation promotion programmes, marine parks visitors survey and ecotour guidance services. More other services will be planned and developed for the ambassador in future.


To encourage ambassadors to join more marine conservation programmes and appreciate their effort on promotion of marine conservation, awards will be given to ambassadors who achieve certain levels of performance. A 'Marine Parks Ambassador' T-shirt will be given to qualified candidates.

Service Award
Once a member's accumulative service hours reach a pre-designated level, he/she will be awarded Ambassador Badge according to the table below:

Performance level
(in terms of accumulative Service Hours)
20 hours 1. Jellyfish Badge
40 hours 2. Nautilus Badge
70 hours 3. Fiddler Crab Badge
100 hours 4. Starfish Badge
150 hours 5. Humphead Wrasse Badge
200 hours 6. Chinese White Dolphin Badge


Other appreciation
We also organize different type of visiting activities for our ambassadors as a token of appreciation. Ambassadors are welcomed to join different visiting activities to Wetland Park, Lions Nature Education Centre, ESP Resource Centre etc. Through these visiting activities, ambassadors can acquire more knowledge about marine conservation.


All the latest information of the Ambassador Scheme will be uploaded on AFCD website. Members will receive the latest information through email or our announcement on AFCD website.

New Hong Kong Marine Classroom facebook page

Highlights of the past activities

Year 2023  (2.77MB)
Year 2019  (9.96MB)
Year 2018  (5.79MB)

If you have further enquiries, please contact us at 3468 5499 or email to marineparks@afcd.gov.hk

We hope you will join our Ambassador Scheme soon and work together to build-up a better marine environment in future.

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