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Marine Park Visitor Service

Activities Codes for Marine Parks Visitors

For more easy reading and understanding, we published different types of codes specified for various marine parks visitor activities. Visitors are welcome to download the attached visitors code for reading and bringing along with them when visiting marine parks.

  1. Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park Watersports Responsibility Code
  2. Kayaking Etiquette
  3. Ecomap of Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park
  4. Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park Visitor information
  5. Hoi Ha - At your own pace
  6. Hoi Ha - At your own pace - Hiking route
  7. Hoi Ha - Wong Shek Trail Leaflet
  8. Hoi Ha - Shui Long Wo Trail Leaflet
  9. Marine Parks Visitors Code
  10. Code for SCUBA divers and skin divers (snorkellers) to visit the coral sites
  11. Codes of Boating
  12. Mangrove site visiting codes
  13. Code of Conduct for dolphin watching activities
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