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Planning and Management

Marine Parks Facilities

AFCD install different types of facilities for marine parks visitors. Regular maintenance and replacement of marine parks facilities is one of our important works to make sure all the our facilities are in the best condition. Marine Parks facilities include:



Facilities Purpose
Boundary Light Buoy and Boundary Post Boundary light buoy is a big metallic yellow buoy with yellow flash light at night. The boundary post is a metallic pole of alternate red and white colour that erected on the coast. A straight line joining the boundary light buoy and boundary post marks the seaward boundary of the marine park. These facilities remind the visitors and park users of the ordinance and regulation when they enter marine park.
Marine Park Information Board A wooden roof-top information board shows the map of marine park and other information.
Mooring Buoy A green floating buoy with a metallic ring on top for temporary fixing of small vessels is installed in the coral area without anchoring. This is a measure to prevent damaging on corals from anchoring activities.
Marine Park Sign Board


A PVC information board with symbols and descriptions to inform visitors of the regulation of marine parks.


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