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  1. Cyclists should only ride bicycles at a place, track or path designated by the Director of Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation ;
  2. Cyclists should ride with companions; children cyclists should be accompanied by adult ;
  3. Cyclists should put on safety helmets and other safety accessories. For details, please refer to the “Necessary Safety Equipment for Cycling” ; 
  4. Mountain bike trail/site is only suitable for use in day time; 
  5. Cyclists should stop their bicycles and give way to the hikers on narrow and steep trails ; 
  6. Cyclists should observe the following countryside code : 
    • Do not set fire or vandalize ; 
    • Do not litter ; 
    • Do not pollute water catchment areas, water courses and reservoirs ; 
    • Do not disturb vegetation and wildlife ; 
    • Do not damage crops, respect villagers' property ; 
    • Protect the countryside.
  7. Cyclists should ride at designated mountain bike trails. Any person who brings bicycle into country park trails or area not designated for biking activity may be prosecuted.

Radio Commercials - Safety Code for Mountain Biking in Country Parks

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Last Review Date : 27 March 2015