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Public Toilet

Location map of Flushing Toilet

(please click the image for the details, 740KB)

( Flushing toilet with disable compartment)
Lantau Island
1. South Lantau Road-Nam Shan
2. South Lantau Road-Nam Shan
Hong Kong Island
3. Lung Fu Shan
4. Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road
5. Aberdeen Reservoir Road
6. Mount Parker Road
7. Tai Tam Reservoir Road
8. Quarry Gap (Tai Fung Au)
9. Tai Tam Reservoir Road
53. Woodside Biodiversity Education Centre
Central New Territories (Clearwater Bay)
10. Tai Hang Tun
11. Tai Hang Tun
North West New Territories
12. Tai Tong
13. Tai Tong
14. Tai Tong
15. Tsing Lung Tau
16. Kap Lung
56. Hong Kong Wetland Park
Central New Territories
17. Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park
19. Lead Mine Pass
20. Jubilee (Shing Mun) Reservoir Tai Shing Stream
21. Shing Mun Country Park Kiosk
22. Shing Mun Road
23. Cheung Yuen Road
24. Hung Mui Kuk 
25. Jat’s Incline Morning Walkers Garden
26. Ma On Shan Country Park
27. Nai Chung
52. Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Centre
Sai Kung
28. Shui Long Wo
29. Lions Nature Education Centre
30. Lions Nature Education Centre
31. Lions Nature Education Centre
32. Tai Mong Tsai Road
33. Pak Tam Chung
34. Sai Kung Country Park Visitor Centre
35. Pak Tam Chung
36. Pak Tam Au
37. Wong Shek Pier
38. Pak Tam Road – Tai Tan
39. Hoi Ha Road – Hau Tong Kai
40. Wan Chai South Camp Site
41. Wan Chai West Camp Site
50. Pak Tam Chung
54. Sai Wan
55. Sai Wan
North East New Territories
18. Tai Po Kau
42. Lau Shui Heung Reservoir
43. Hau Tau Road
44. Hau Tau Camp Site
45. Luk Keng
46. Bride’s Pool Road – Kong Ha Au
47. Bride’s Pool Road – Bride’s Pool
48. Bride’s Pool Road – Chung Pui
49. Tai Mei Tuk
51. Tai Mei Tuk Management Centre