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New Section of Tin Fu Tsai North Section Mountain Bike Trail in Tai Lam Country Park opens

A new section of the Tin Fu Tsai North Section Mountain Bike Trail in Tai Lam Country Park opens to cycling enthusiasts today (December 11).

The 5.9 kilometres long new section connects the Tin Fu Tsai Section to the Twisk Section Mountain Bike Trail. It was designed and built by the AFCD with the assistance of trail building experts from the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) and in accordance with the principles of sustainable trail promoted by IMBA.

The mountain bike trail difficulty rating system devised by IMBA was adopted. Of the trail, 2.1 kilometres is rated as blue route, a difficult trail suitable for cyclists with a certain level of mountain biking skills. The remaining 3.8 kilometres is rated as black diamond route, which means it is a very difficult trail that requires users to be experienced and possess advanced skills. A number of challenging features, such as berms, rock garden and small drop-offs, are provided on this narrow and winding route.

Distance posts have been erected along the new section. It is the first mountain bike trail that has this facility, which can help trail users who encounter emergencies to accurately report their locations to rescue teams, so that they could be provided with assistance promptly.

Tin Fu Tsai North Section Mountain Bike Trail is rugged and narrow, and the mountain bikes are generally running at high speed. For the sake of personal safety, hikers heading for Ho Pui, Tin Fu Tsai or Tai Tong are advised not to enter the new section and use other trails to avoid accidents. Mountain bikers should observe the code of practice for mountain biking in country parks and ensure their own safety as well as of other country park users.

Details of mountain biking trails in country parks are available at AFCD's website: www.afcd.gov.hk/english/country/cou_vis/cou_vis_mou/cou_vis_mou.html