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Toothfish Catch Documentation Scheme Regulation


Toothfish Catch Documentation Scheme Regulation

With a view to protecting toothfish from IUU fishing internationally, the Commission adopted in May 2000 a conservation measure entitled “Catch Documentation Scheme for Dissostichus spp.” (CM 10-05). The Catch Documentation Scheme (CDS) provides a basis for:

(a) identifying the origins of Dissostichus spp. imports;

(b) determining if imports caught in the Convention Area were caught in a manner consistent with the relevant CCAMLR CMs; and

(c) furnishing the Commission with essential information necessary;

for fulfilling the management objectives of CCAMLR. 


Under the CDS, each catch or shipment of Dissostichus spp. must be accompanied by a valid CDS document issued in accordance with the relevant CMs. Samples of the CDS documents including the Dissostichus catch document (DCD), Dissostichus export document (DED) and Dissostichus re-export document (DRED) can be downloaded here. 

The documents can be downloaded here:

1. Dissostichus catch document (DCD)

2. Dissostichus export document (DED)

3. Dissostichus re-export document (DRED)


The Government proposes to make a Toothfish Catch Documentation Scheme Regulation under CAMLRO to regulate the trading (including import, export and re-export) of toothfish. The legislative procedure is in progress. According to the proposed Regulation, an import, export or re-export of toothfish will be prohibited unless it is accompanied by an import / export / re-export licence issued by the Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation (DAFC). All applications for import, export or re-export licences must be made to DAFC in a specified form, together with payment of a prescribed fee (under proposing), and accompanied by the Convention documents issued in respect of the toothfish to be imported, exported or re-exported (as the case may be).