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Marine Fish Culture Ordinance

Marine fish culture is protected and regulated by the Marine Fish Culture Ordinance (Cap. 353) which requires all marine fish culture activity to operate under licence in designated fish culture zones.

Recreational fishing

Recreational fishing on mariculture raft

Under the conditions that the culture environment is not affected and the public safety on raft is ensured, recreational fishing activity is allowed on mariculture rafts. Interested mariculturists should apply to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) for a consent to conduct recreational fishing activity on mariculture raft and ensure that the proposed recreational fishing activity will not interfere with the other mariculture operations and the culture environment. Mariculturist applying for recreational fishing activity is required to submit a "Business Plan for Recreational Fishing Activity" to the AFCD for application assessment. A "Public Visitors Record" should be submitted together with the "Business Plan for Recreational Fishing Activity" during the renewal application for the assessment and verification of recreational fishing activities on mariculture rafts open to the public.

Raft for recreational fishing
Recreational fishing


At present, there are 12 fish culture zones with rafts allowed to conduct recreational fishing. They are:  


Fish Culture Zone
Sham Wan
Tap Mun
Yim Tin Tsai
Yim Tin Tsai (East)
Yung Shue Au
Lo Fu Wat
Kai Lung Wan
Kau Sai
Ma Nam Wat
Po Toi O
Tai Tau Chau
Sok Kwu Wan

* List of rafts allowed to conduct recreational fishing


Anglers should look for rafts allowed to conduct recreational fishing. These rafts should have the following distinctive features:  

  1. A Consent Letter (in Chinese only) and Code of Practice for recreational fishing on mariculture rafts issued by AFCD, a notice on the raft's carrying capacity  and a raft safety fishing area floor plan issued by a qualified surveyor, and 
  2. Safety and sewage facilities such as railings, life buoys, life jackets, portable ladder and toilet should be installed on raft. 

When fishing on these rafts, anglers should follow the Code of Practice for recreational fishing and refrain from conducting activities that apparently or very likely affect the surrounding environments or mariculture operations in any way. These include, but not limited to, cooking, barbecuing, littering, polluting the water, conducting other water sports, making excessive noise, use of net, trap or chum bait and conducting activities outside the authorized area.

* Code of Practice for recreational fishing leaflet (Chinese version only)   


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Recreational Fishing on Mariculture Raft 2150 7108
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