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Incorporation of three enclaves into country parks gazetted
Friday, July 7, 2017

For the purpose of incorporating the country park enclaves at Fan Kei Tok, Sai Lau Kong and the one near Nam Shan into their respective country parks, a designation order under the Country Parks Ordinance (Cap 208) was gazetted today (July 7).
A spokesman for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department said that the incorporation of the enclaves at Fan Kei Tok and Sai Lau Kong into Plover Cove Country Park, and the enclave near Nam Shan into Lantau South Country Park, is to continue implementing the Government's commitment to enhancing protection of enclaves. The total area of these three enclaves is about 12.4 hectares.
The enclave at Fan Kei Tok, located to the north of Wu Kau Tang, is extensively covered by woodland and is basically unspoiled. A section of the Wu Kau Tan Country Trail traverses the enclave. The site at Sai Lau Kong is situated at a coastal headland which accommodates a small fishing village. It is indistinguishable from the surrounding environment and links up with the neighbouring country park and marine park. The enclave near Nam Shan comprises largely woodland, agricultural land and a few village houses, and has an overall natural appearance and lies close to two popular hiking trails. These three enclaves are rural and peaceful, and are considered compatible with the surrounding country park areas.
The draft maps of Plover Cove Country Park and Lantau South Country Park were made available for public inspection for a period of 60 days from September 30 to November 28, 2016. During the period, one objection against the draft map of Plover Cove Country Park was received but there was no objection against the draft map of Lantau South Country Park. The hearing of objection to the draft map of Plover Cove Country Park by the Country and Marine Parks Board took place on February 13, 2017, and the Board rejected the objection in whole.
On April 25, the Chief Executive in Council approved the draft maps of Plover Cove Country Park and Lantau South Country Park. The two new approved maps were then deposited in the Land Registry on May 17 in accordance with the Ordinance.
The spokesman said, "The enclaves will be regulated by the Country Parks and Special Areas Regulations after the incorporation into their respective country parks. This will be conducive to conserving the natural environment, protecting the diverse habitats and preserving the scenic landscape. Suitable recreational facilities for the public could also be provided."  
After the gazetting of the designation order in respect of the new approved maps of Plover Cove Country Park and Lantau South Country Park today, it will be tabled at the Legislative Council on July 12 for negative vetting, and it is expected to commence on December 1, 2017.