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Pig samples from Yuen Long pig farm tested positive with ASF virus again
Saturday, February 6, 2021

Subsequent to pig samples taken from a Yuen Long pig farm being tested positive with African Swine Fever (ASF) earlier, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) today (February 6) announced that samples taken from pigs in another shed on the same farm had also been tested positive with ASF.

An AFCD spokesman said, "The samples concerned were collected from the same licensed pig farm in Wong Nai Tun, Yuen Long. The AFCD took further samples from other sheds for testing while mounting a pig disposal operation on the farm yesterday (February 5). Two of the samples were tested positive. Upon consulting international experts in the area, the AFCD is arranging disposal of the some 590 pigs in the sheds concerned. Compensations will be disbursed to the pig owner according to established mechanism."

The spokesman further said, "The AFCD will continue to closely monitor the health condition of the pigs in other sheds on the farm and take samples for testing, and thoroughly cleansed and disinfected the farm to contain infection. The AFCD will still suspend transport of any pigs from the index farm and the three pig farms within three kilometres of it until further notice. Investigating and tracing the source of the virus is ongoing."

The AFCD will continue to keep local pig farms under close surveillance, step up inspection and conduct tests if necessary. The AFCD has also notified all farmers to alert the Department immediately if abnormal health conditions are observed in pigs.

The spokesman stressed that ASF is not a zoonotic disease and will not infect humans, hence does not cause any food safety risk. Pork cooked thoroughly is safe for consumption. Members of the public do not need to be concerned. The incident does not affect the operation of local slaughterhouses nor the overall supply of live pigs as live pigs from other sources can make it up.

As disposal operations take time, the AFCD will release updated operation information every day on the departmental web page, www.afcd.gov.hk starting from tomorrow (February 7) for the public.