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AFCD will bury parts of whale carcass on spot tomorrow for future scientific research and education purposes
Sunday, August 6, 2023

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) has over the past few days worked with experts of the Ocean Park Hong Kong, the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong and the City University of Hong Kong and completed a necropsy on the whale carcass found in Sai Kung waters, but analyses on samples of whale tissues are still underway. The AFCD will bury the whale carcass tomorrow (August 7) on spot near High Island Reservoir West Dam for further research purposes in future.

After consulting the concerned experts and taking reference of some options to handle whale carcasses, the whale carcass, after dissection, will be buried on spot near High Island Reservoir West Dam. When AFCD staff bury the whale carcass, proper procedure will be taken to ensure the whole process is in line with hygiene and disinfection requirements as well as environment protection principles. After natural decay, the whale carcass will be sent to the Ocean Park Hong Kong for research purposes.

AFCD staff will enter the concerned area tomorrow for further investigations and start bury procedure during which machines and chemicals will be deployed. In this light, the AFCD urges the public not to approach and watch in case of any danger.

The AFCD hopes the whale carcass can be made into a specimen for education and conservation purposes.