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Collection of Animals at Hong Kong International Airport

Important Information

Inoculation Process for Rabies

Dogs of 5 months of age or older will be licensed and vaccinated against rabies. Licence fee of HK$80 will be charged.
Dog Licence
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Vaccination against Rabies
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Microchip Implantation for dogs at the time licensed

As evidence that a dog has been vaccinated against rabies and as a means of identification of the dog at the time dogs to be licensed, a microchip (a device of the description set out in Schedule 3 of Rabies Ordinance Regulations, Cap. 421A) is implanted.

(Note : according to the permit term granted to the permittee, dogs and cats imported must be identified by microchips which are listed on the accompanying animal health certificates before arrival. If dogs are identified with microchips other than that used for the identification of dogs in Hong Kong (AVID encrypted transponder with an alphanumeric code in the format of AVID*XXX*XXX*XXX), then after arrival in Hong Kong the dogs will be rechipped at the expense of the permittee or agent.)

Microchip Implantation
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What is microchip?

Microchip is a small device made of biocompatible material encapsulated inside a chip which is programmed with an identification number.
Using specific scanner emitting electro-magnetic signal, this device will response the identification number to the scanner.
The whole device can be implanted under the skin of animal by a hypodermic needle and it will stay for the life of the animal. This provides a permanent identification which cannot be lost, altered or intentionally removed.

Microchip, Microchip in syringe and Microchip Number shown on Scanner


Airport Animal Hostel

The Airport Animal Hostel (AAH) provides temporary accommodation for animals in transit and detention due to non-compliance with permit terms on arrival.
Click here for Airport Animal Hostel Booklet
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