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Pesticide Control and Related Information


What is antifouling paint ?

Antifouling paints are used to coat the bottoms of ships to prevent marine organisms such as barnacles, bacteria, mussels and algae attaching themselves to the hulls which would otherwise slow down the ship and increase fuel consumption. They are also commonly used on docks, fishnets, and buoys to discourage the growth of undesirable marine organisms on their surfaces.

Regulatory control of antifouling paint

In Hong Kong, all antifouling paints with biocides are considered as pesticides and are subject to regulatory control under the Pesticides Ordinance Cap.133 administered by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. Only  antifouling paints which are registered pesticides may be imported, supplied and sold by licensed pesticide traders for use in Hong Kong. As for those antifouling paints not registered, they are controlled under a permit system. No person may import, supply, sell, possess and use any unregistered antifouling paints unless he/she is in possession of a valid pesticides permit issued by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. Any person who commits such offences is liable to prosecution.

To tell whether the antifouling paint is a registered pesticide or not, consumers are advised to check the package label for the the pesticides registration number.


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