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Notes on Insecticide Products and Wood Preservatives containing Volatile Organic Compounds

Pesticides (including insecticides) are subject to regulatory control under the Pesticides Ordinance (Cap.133) administered by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD). In addition, insecticide products and wood preservatives which contain volatile organic compounds are also controlled under the Air Pollution Control (Volatile Organic Compounds) Regulation (Cap. 311W), administered by Environmental Protection Department (EPD). The types of regulated insecticides include aerosol lawn and garden insecticide, flea and tick insecticide, insecticide fogger, aerosol crawling bug insecticide and aerosol flying bug insecticide. Wood preservatives in the form of architectural paint are also under control. Under the Regulation, no person shall import or manufacture in Hong Kong for local sale or use any of the regulated insecticides and wood preservatives containing volatile organic compounds in excess of the statutory limits. For details of the control scheme and definitions of regulated insecticides and wood preservatives, please visit the EPD's website:

Environmental Protection Department
Territorial Control Office
Room 3402, Hopewell Centre,
183 Queen's Road East,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong.
Enquiry Hotline: 2838 3111
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