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Organic Tomato
Growing Organic Tomato
Cultivation Environment : Tomato likes a cool environment with adequate light. Optimal temperatures for growing range between 18℃ and 26℃. The best soil should be sandy loam which is thick, deep and rich in organic matters, with a pH value between 5.6 and 7.0 as well as good drainage.

Avoid continuous growing tomato with plants of the family Solanaceae or the family Cucurbitaceae. Tomato grows best in former aquatic vegetable / paddy fields.
Planting and Spacing :

Cultivation by transplanting of seedlings is preferable. The seedlings can be transplanted when coming into 4 to 5 true leaves or around 15 cm tall.

Plant spacing should be 40 to 50 cm x 75 cm.

Application of Fertilizer and Management :

Basal dressing: Apply 1,000 kg of compost, peanut cake and bone meal each 90 kg to each d.c..

Top dressing: After transplanting, apply top dressing every 3 weeks. At each top dressing, apply 30g of organic fertilizer (N:P:K = 4:3:3), 8g of bone meal and 8g of natural potassium fertilizer (50% K2O) to each hole beside the plants until the fruiting period is about to end.

Irrigation: Each growing stage has different requirement for water. More water is needed during the early flowering period and the fruiting period. When the fruits begin to mature, slightly reduce the amount of water.

Plant adjustment:
(Take the autumn crop of the large-fruited variety as an example)
Train the plant by the one stem method using a frame.
Lateral stems should be removed when growing to some 10 cm long.
Retain 6 - 7 inflorescences on each plant. The first inflorescence should keep 3 fruits and others 4 fruits.
For the final inflorescence, retain 3 more leaves at the tip and remove the terminal bud.

(1 d.c.= 674 square metres or 7,260 square feet)

Harvesting :
  Autumn crop of the large-fruited tomato Autumn crop of the small-fruited tomato
From planting to harvesting about 75 to 85 days about 65 to 75 days
Harvesting period about 60 days about 90 days or more

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