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Horseshoe Crabs in Hong Kong

Horseshoe crabs in Hong Kong

Will the horseshoe crab disappear from Hong Kong very soon?

[A horseshoe crab is trapped in an abandoned fishing net.]
A horseshoe crab is trapped in an abandoned fishing net.

So far, no one is able to answer this question because we do not know how many horseshoe crabs are there in our waters, but there is no doubt that the population is decreasing.

Horseshoe crabs once thrived in Hong Kong and their juveniles occurred in many local beaches. However, since late 1980s, they have disappeared extensively from many areas. Nowadays, they can only be found in certain beaches in Deep Bay and Lantau Island, and have disappeared from the places that we used to see them, such as Tolo Harbour.

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Last Review Date : 09 August 2013