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Management Agreement Projects in the Deep Bay Area

Since 2012, the Environmental Conservation Fund has funded the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society to implement Management Agreement (MA) projects in collaboration with the local fishpond operators in the Deep Bay area. The projects aim to enhance the ecological functions of fishponds in the Deep Bay area through wise use of wetland, as well as to preserve the traditional fish farming as part of the local cultural heritage.

Under the MA projects, fishpond operators are required to adopt a traditional operation regime by conducting drain-down after harvest to provide suitable feeding opportunities for waterbirds on small fish with minimal economic values. 

In addition, bird surveys are conducted to provide up-to-date ecological information of the fishpond habitats. Public education programmes e.g. Fishpond Festival, Education Kiosk, eco-tours, talks, workshops and exhibitions are also conducted to increase awareness on fishpond ecology and fishery culture.


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