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Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park

Lime Kiln

Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park is one of the first batch of Marine Parks established in Hong Kong. It was designated in July 1996. Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park is a sheltered bay located north of the Sai Kung West Country Park. It covers an area of about 260 hectares. The seaward boundary is demarcated by linking the tips of Heung Lo Kok and Kwun Tsoi Kok through the northern end of Flat Island (Ngan Chau) and Moon Island (Mo Chau). The landward boundary generally follows the high water mark along the coastline. Please refer to the gazette map and explanatory material for the actual boundary.

Map of Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park


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(The map is for general reference only.
Please refer to the gazette map and explanatory material for the actual boundary.)



Hoi Ha Wan is one of the best sea areas in Hong Kong with good water quality and diverse marine lives. Coral communities in Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park is most famous, in terms of species diversity and richness. Mangroves and various marine organisms are also recorded in Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park. For more details on the ecology of this area, please visit the Ecology of Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park.

The number of visitors to Hoi Ha Wan Marine Parks is increasing as the public knows more about the Marine Parks. Many visitors engage in different activities in the water of Hoi Ha Wan Marine Parks. Visitors must pay special attention to avoid damaging the natural habitats when snorkeling or SCUBA diving. Divers and swimmers must not stand on fragile corals. Visitors must follow the “Marine Parks Visitors Code” in the Marine Parks. When doing SCUBA diving or snorkeling, visitors should also follow the “Code for SCUBA divers and skin divers (snorkellers) to visit the coral sites”.

Historical remnant

Lime Kiln

One of the famous scenic heritage spots in Hoi Ha Wan is the remnants of lime kiln. There are 4 lime kilns in Hoi Ha Wan but only 2 remain relatively intact. They are all located on the eastern shore of Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park. Lime kiln industry was one of the oldest industries (1800 - 1939) in Hong Kong, which refined from either oyster shells or coral skeletons for construction and agricultural uses. The prosper of lime-refining industry in Hoi Ha Wan reflects the history and longevity of coral communities within the Park.


# For details on the dogs management at Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park, please visit Dogs Control Measures in Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park

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Last Review Date : 19 April 2018