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Role of the Department

Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department provides services to the public in connection with agriculture and fisheries, nature conservation and animal, plant and fisheries regulation. Programme areas include the following :


Agriculture, Fisheries and Fresh Food Wholesale Markets

The aim is to facilitate agricultural and fisheries production and improve productivity.

Brief Description
The Department's work in pursuit of its aim involves:

  • the provision of infrastructural support, technical assistance and advice, credit facilities and vocational training to local farmers and fishermen;

  • the conduct of adaptive and technical studies and introduction of modern technology and practices to facilitate efficient production and improve the quality of agricultural and fisheries products;

  • the planning and implementation of effective management activities and services for promoting sustainable development of the agriculture and fisheries industries;

  • the provision of administrative and technical support to the operation of the Vegetable Marketing Organization and the Fish Marketing Organization; and

  • the management of government fresh food wholesale markets and overseeing the reprovisioning of outdated fresh food wholesale markets.



Country and Marine Parks and Nature Conservation

The aim is to conserve flora, fauna and natural habitats; to designate and manage country parks, special areas, marine parks and marine reserves; and to control international trade in endangered species of animals and plants in Hong Kong.

Brief Description
The Department's work in pursuit of its aim involves:

  • the management and protection of country parks, special areas, marine parks and marine reserves under the Country Parks Ordinance and the Marine Parks Ordinance for the purpose of nature conservation, recreation, tourism and education;

  • the enhancement of biodiversity and promotion of compatible use of country and marine parks;

  • the identification of sites of high scientific value for listing as Sites of Special Scientific Interest;

  • the provision of nature conservation advice on development proposals, planning studies and environmental impact assessments;

  • the monitoring and auditing of ecological mitigation measures for development projects approved under the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance;

  • the promotion of public awareness of nature conservation and enforcement of nature conservation legislation;

  • the licensing control of international trade in endangered species and curbing of illegal trade in endangered species in Hong Kong;

  • the conservation and management of the Mai Po and Inner Deep Bay Ramsar site; and

  • the planning and development of the Hong Kong Wetland Park.



Animal, Plant and Fisheries Regulation and Technical Services

The aim is to monitor the welfare of, and control the diseases in, animals and plants through enforcement of relevant legislation; protect public health; protect and regulate fisheries; and provide technical services.

Brief Description
The Department is responsible for prevention of the introduction and spread of animal and plant diseases, safeguarding animal welfare, regulation of drug use in livestock farms, provision of services to facilitate export of plants, animals and plant/animal by-products, prevention of rabies, and enforcement of regulations pertaining to animal welfare and import requirements, fisheries protection and marine fish culture. The work involves:

  • the prevention and control of rabies and other zoonotic diseases;

  • the provision of quarantine services;

  • the inspection of animals and plants imported into the territory;

  • the testing of diseases and chemical residues in food animals;

  • the inspection of farms where food animals are kept;

  • the inspection of premises and establishments where animals are kept for exhibition or trading purposes;

  • the inspection of marine fish culture farms;

  • the control of destructive fishing practices; and

  • the instigation of prosecution against offenders under relevant legislation.

The technical services provided by the Department include:

  • assessing ex-gratia payments to primary producers arising from development projects affecting agriculture and fisheries;

  • managing agricultural weirs;

  • licensing livestock farms;

  • licensing marine fish culture farms;

  • facilitating export trade in plants, animals and their products;

  • safeguarding public health through the control of pesticides and drug use in livestock farms; and

  • supervising credit unions and co-operative societies.

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