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Livestock Keeping Licence

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Livestock Keeping Licence


Keeping of livestock and its connected activities in Hong Kong is regulated under the Public Health (Animals and Birds) (Licensing of Livestock keeping) Regulation, Chapter 139L.

All persons keeping livestock in or on any premises within a livestock waste control area specified in Schedule 1 of Chapter 139L shall hold a Livestock Keeping Licence (LKL) issued under the same Ordinance. In order to obtain a LKL, the farmer must install appropriate waste treatment facilities that can meet minimum discharge standards as stipulated in the Waste Disposal (Livestock Waste) Regulations (Chapter 354A). A LKL also contains terms and conditions specifying requirements relating to the keeping of livestock, public health, biosecurity measure and environmental protection, the compliance by the licensee of which is subject to close monitoring by officers of this Department through routine and surprise inspection.

To protect public health and the environment, this Department has imposed stringent control and bio-security requirements on local farms. In addition, the Administration has since 2005 launched successive voluntary surrender schemes to encourage livestock farmers to permanently stop livestock keeping.


A LKL is valid for 3 years. Fees are imposed according to the number of animals to be kept on the farm. If a licensee intends to continue keeping livestock, he is required to submit an Application for Renewal of Livestock Keeping Licence (Chinese version only) (185KB)  e-Formbefore its expiry. A reminder letter regarding the renewal of LKL would be sent to the licensee no later than 4 months prior to the expiry of his LKL. A LKL would only be renewed if the farm has fulfilled all the licence terms, conditions and specified requirements relating to livestock keeping, public health, biosecurity measure and environmental protection.

Change of licensee is allowed under a valid LKL. The current licensee shall submit a Change of Licensee Form (Chinese version only) (131KB)  e-Form iAM Smartat the office of Livestock Farm Licensing Section in person, while the new operator needs to tender a formal Livestock Keeping Licence Application Form (AF281b) (154KB)  e-Form. The new licensee is required to pay the full licence fee of a newly issued LKL. Upon the new LKL is issued, the old LKL would be correspondingly cancelled. In case of deceased licensee, his family member shall submit documentary proof for the death and the successor is required to tender a formal Livestock Keeping Licence Application Form (AF281b) (154KB)  e-Formfor due processing. 

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Livestock Farm Licensing Section
Tai Lung Experimental Station, Lin Tong Mei
Sheung Shui, N.T., Hong Kong
Phone No. : (852) 2462 7443 

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