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Emergency Relief Fund

Technical support and financial assistance

Loan Fund and Emergency Relief

Emergency Relief Fund

Chapter 1103 of the Laws of Hong Kong
Payment Schedule

(Effective from 1.4.2022)

Type of Payment
Level of Grant
Condition of Grant
Primary Producer Grants    
  1. Stock houses and farm buildings destroyed or severely damaged *
Assessment is to be made on the basis of 50% of cost of replacement, up to a maximum of $29,330.


Grants only payable to those who claim or appear to earn livelihood by farming.
  1. Rehabilitation grants for loss of crops or livestock **

Vegetables and other crops - $2,110 per dau chung (including cost of $309 and $491 for soil conditioner and extra labour respectively) up to a maximum of $12,660 for 6 dau chung.

1 dau chung is equal to 674.5m2 or 7,260 ft2.


Livestock -

  1. $1,350 per pig plus $491 cost for extra labour per farm up to a maximum of $13,990 for 10 pigs;

  2. $14 per bird plus $491 cost for extra labour per farm up to a maximum of $6,090 for 400 birds;

  3. $14,240 per working cattle-calf/heifer to a maximum of $14,240.


Mushroom - $9.8 per m2 of damaged bedding area plus $491 cost for extra labour per farm up to a maximum of $3,330.


Silting - $18 per cubic metre or $3,500 per dau chung paid according to actual damage up to a maximum of $10,500.

Generally, only genuine small full-time farmers adversely affected by a natural disaster could be eligible for consideration.

* Cases due to piling in the neighbourhood or other occurrences resulting from human acts cannot qualify for assistance. Cases where a forced eviction takes place as a result of a house or a private tenement being rendered uninhabitable by a natural occurrence may qualify for assistance provided that compensation has not been provided by the landlord.
** The captioned grant is issued on a household basis, and hence each household can only submit one application per incident.
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