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Talks & Exhibitions

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Talks & Exhibitions

The Department provides talk and exhibition on Endangered Species Protection for the schools and organizations. It is aimed to convey the message of endangered species protection and the related legislative controls to the students and general public. The content of the talk covering the following topic :

What is endangered species?
The importance of protection Endangered Species Protection
How CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) implement in worldwide and HK?

And we have some exhibition panels with the display of various endangered species’ photos and information on the protection of endangered species as well as the licensing requirement. For the details of the talk and exhibition, please contact our staff. (Tel : 2150 6974 / 2150 6979)

Talk on Endangered Species Protection
 瀕 危 物 種 講 座
  Duration: around 45 minutes
  Format: Powerpoint Presentation
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Exhibition Panels
 瀕 危 物 種 展 覽
  Size: 2M x 1M
  Quantity : 4 - 8 pieces depending on venue capacity
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