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"Light of Tolo Channel and Plover Cove" Photography Competition 2018

Organiser:  Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD)

Service Provider: Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Eco-Education & Resources Centre, Eco Institute, the Education University of Hong Kong, Environmental Association, Green Power, Hong Kong Hiking Asociation, China and WWF 

List of winners

1)Student Group – Coastal and Marine Landscape

2)Student Group – Coastal and Marine Life

3)Open Group – Coastal and Marine Landscape

4)Open Group – Coastal and Marine Life

5)Mobile Phone Group – Coastal and Marine Landscape

6)Mobile Phone Group – Coastal and Marine Life

7)Other Awards



To promote the beauty and biodiversity of coastal and marine life and their habitats in Hong Kong, and raise public awareness on the conservation of our coastal environment.

Target group:

Local full-time primary, secondary and tertiary students, and enthusiastic nature photographers


1. Coastal and marine landscape:
The showcase of the beauty along the coastline of Tolo Harbour, Plover Cove and Tolo Channel

2. Coastal and marine life:
Capturing the eye-opening moments of the wildlife along the coastline of Tolo Harbour, Plover Cove and Tolo Channel
Photographs of beaches, mudflats, rocky shores, mangroves and other coastal habitats are welcome.


1. Student Group
2. Open Group
3. Mobile Phone Group

Rules and Regulations:

1. Each participant should only participate in either Student Group or Open Group.
2. Each participant must submit digital files in JPEG or TIFF format. Please refer to “submission guidelines” for details.
3. Shooting devices are not limited except the mobile phone group.
4. Mobile phone group contestants must shoot with phones.

5. Each participant may participate in one or all themes within the same group, with the maximum of 3 entries under each theme.
6. All entries must be the original works by the participants and have not been sold, published or taken part in other photography competitions previously.
7. Contestants must not cause any damage or disturbance to natural environment and wildlife, and must comply with “Country Park Ordinance”, “Wild Animals Protection Ordinance” and other related laws while shooting. Entries created by unprincipled methods such as baiting, capturing, feeding and jolting will be denied.
8. All entries submitted for this Competition will not be returned.
9. Contestants below the age of 18 shall obtain the consent from their parents or guardians, whereas the contestants should understand and abide by the terms and conditions laid down by the organiser.
10. The organiser is entitled to disqualify any participant who does not observe the rules and regulations of the Competition. The organiser also reserves the right to timely amen the rules and regulations of the Competition without prior notice to contestants.
11. Once the entries are selected, the original photographic digital files (JPEG, TIFF or RAW files) and the untouched EXIF data* will be requested. Contestants who fail to submit original files upon request will be disqualified.
12. The decision of the organiser will be final and binding on all parties concerned in any dispute.
The competition does not consist of appeal mechanism.
13. Immediate relatives of staff of the organiser, service provider and judges are not eligible to participate in the Competition.
14. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

* EXIF stand for “Exchangeable image file format”, which is the information about how a photograph is taken, such as camera model, aperture and shutter speed. It is attached to JPEG, TIFF and other file formats. In Windows system, right click a photo and select properties to access the EXIF information. For Mac, preview the photo and press “Command+I” to access the information.


1. Open Group: Participants must be holders of Hong Kong Permanent Identity Cards.
2. Student Group: Participants must be local full-time undergraduate, secondary or primary students.
3. Mobile Phone Group: There is no age limit for participants.
4. All photo entries must be taken in the coastal areas of Plover Cove, Tolo Harbour and Channel.
5. All photo entries must be taken within the past two years. (1st June 2016 to 30th September 2018)

Submission Guidelines:

1. Each participant must submit digital files in JPEG or TIFF format.
2. All digital files must be 10 MB or smaller and must be at least 1,600 pixels wide (if a horizontal image) or 1,600 pixels tall (if a vertical image).
3. Only minor burning, dodging, color correction and/or cropping is acceptable. Any changes to the original photograph not mentioned here, including digitally adding or removing anything, and changing the color of the photograph, are unacceptable.
4. Watermarks are not acceptable.
5. A Photograph must be submitted with a heading and an introductory paragraph with no more than 150 words in Chinese or English.
6. Please name your photo files following this format:
Group (S/O/M)*_Theme(Landscape/ Life)_contestant's full name_no. of entry
* S: Student Group, O: Open Group, M: Mobile Phone Group
For instance, Chan Tai Man would like to submit 2 entries for the theme Landscape under Student Group. His entries should be named "S_Landscape_ChanTaiMan_1; S_Landscape_ChanTaiMan_2".


Methods of Submission:

1.Complete the online entry form. Upload to the form your photographs with the required documents. An email of entry form record would be sent to you upon completion of the form.
2.If the online entry form cannot be used, you may submit application by email to (lightoftolo2018@gmail.com),  with the subject “Light of Tolo Photography Competition 2018”, attaching:
• Entry form (Parents’/Guardian’s Consent included)
• Electronic copy of student card (if you run for Student Group)
• Photographs 

Entry form can be downloaded here:

Entry form

Submission Period:

1st June 2018 - 30th September 2018

Deadline of Submission:

30th September 2018 HKT 23:59
[Late submission will not be accepted]

Judging Criteria:

1. Overall Beauty 30%
2. Expression of Messages 30%
3. Shooting Technique 20%
4. Creativity 20%


1. Mr. Henry LUI
Senior Conservation Manager, Green Power
2. Mr. John NG
Experienced Nature Photographer in Hong Kong
3. Mr. Hydrogen PUN
Experienced Nature Photographer in Hong Kong
4. Mr. Samson SO
Experienced Nature Photographer in Hong Kong, Founder and Director of Eco Institute

Prizes and Awards:

Student Group and Open Group (for each Theme):

Prizes Awards
Champion (1 place) Certificate and book/ gift vouchers HK$ 3,000*
1st Runner-up (1 place) Certificate and book/ gift vouchers HK$ 2,000*
2nd Runner-up (1 place) Certificate and book/ gift vouchers HK$ 1,000*
Merit Award (3 places) Certificate and book/ gift vouchers HK$ 300*

Mobile Phone Group (for each Theme):

Prizes Awards
Mobile Phone Group Award (3 places) Certificate and gift vouchers HK$ 500

Other Awards (6 places):

Prizes Awards
The Comedy Wildlife Awards (2 places) Certificate and gift vouchers HK$ 300#
The Most Creative Awards (2 places) Certificate and gift vouchers HK$ 300#
The Most Dynamic Awards (2 places) Certificate and gift vouchers HK$ 300#

*Student Group will receive book vouchers while other groups and awards will receive gift vouchers.
#All entries, regardless of the Group, will run for 6 places of Other Awards. 

Announcement of Results: 

Results will be announced on the AFCD website in early November 2018. Winners will be notified individually and invited to the Prize Presentation Ceremony. Champions of each group may be invited to introduce their works and share their shooting experience during the Ceremony.


Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong (OWLHK)
Tel: 6161 1696
Email: lightoftolo2018@gmail.com

Address: Marine Conservation Division/East, Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, 7/F, Cheung Sha Wan Government, 303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon
Tel: 2150 6833
Fax: 2377 4427
Facebook Page: Ting Kok Appreciation


1) Participants must comply with the relevant copyright legislation. Entries in violation of copyright or related offenses, including but not limiting to being borrowed, reproduced, copied and counterfeit, will be disqualified. The participant should bear his/her own legal liability. Any legal disputes are not related to the organiser.
2) Participant must agree that the organiser reserves the right including but not limiting to reproduce, use, modify, exhibit, publish and distribute the entries through any media for publicity or educational purposes without any payment in respect of such use and prior notice to the participants.
3) Participants must agree that the organiser reserves the right to distribute, exhibit or publish the submitted entries for the use of (including but not limiting to) promoting coastal conservation and education activities.
4) Once the entry form is signed by the participants, they must abide by the above terms, conditions and rules, release the organiser unconditionally any legal liability for publishing his or her works submitted, and undertake all compensation to the organiser any loss caused by breaching of rules on his or her part.

Personal Data Collection Statement:

Personal Data Collection Statement: The personal information is provided by the participant voluntarily for relevant activities organised by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. The information will be provided to relevant staff for processing, contact, and relevant purposes. For enquiries or amendment to the provided information, please send us a written request. If the participant does not provide sufficient, accurate and clear information, his/her request may not be processed. 















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