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Visitor Codes


Check the tidal information at Tai Po Kau before your visit.  The best time to visit is during low tide (< 1.2 m).  You may click here to check the tidal activities in the website of the Hong Kong Observatory.  Please be reminded that tidal levels may be affected by many factors, including rainfall and wind.  Be alert to the change in the environmental condition during your visit. 
Take and drink enough water to prevent dehydration.  
Do not wear flip-flops.  Always wear sports shoes and long trousers to protect your feet and legs from sharp stones and oyster shells.  
Wear a hat and sunglasses, and use sun block to protect against sunburn.
Do not catch organisms or pluck any parts of plant.  They may hurt you by sharp chelipeds, stings, thorns or chemical secretion.
Be patient and use binoculars while you are observing organisms as they are alert to any movement.
Keep quiet when you are in a natural area or walk past someone's house.
Respect lives.  Do not damage vegetation, wildlife and their living environment.
Do not collect any live or dead specimens. 
Do not take away anything from the nature.
Do not litter or pollute the natural environment.
Place the turned-over rocks carefully back to their original locations and orientation. 
Respect our marine environment.


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