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Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring at Shuen Wan Hoi

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) regularly monitors the water quality of 1,700 sq km of the territory’s marine waters, covering about 90 water and 60 sediment sampling stations in the open sea, semi-enclosed bays and typhoon shelters.
For marine water quality at Shuen Wan Hoi, you may refer to the data collected from the water sampling station (TM5) of Tolo Harbour and Channel Water Control Zone


Water quality in Shuen Wan Hoi (TM5)

More detailed information can be found in the EPD’s Annual Marine Quality Reports available at:
In addition, EPD regularly monitors the water quality of the territory’s marine waters at Lung Mei and its vicinity.  The water quality data can be found in the EPD’s webpage:
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