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Review of Ecological Assessment of Major Development Proposals

Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department is responsible for reviewing ecological assessments in environmental impact assessment studies, planning studies and development applications which are conducted by project proponents.

An ecological assessment studies and predicts potential impacts on the natural environment including existing flora, fauna and wildlife habitats. The main objective is to provide sufficient and accurate ecological data to allow a complete and objective identification and evaluation of the potential ecological impacts.

An ecological assessment consists of the following key items:

provision of comprehensive and accurate information on the ecological baseline;

  1. identification of potential ecological impacts;
  2. evaluation of the significance of impacts identified;
  3. recommendations of effective and practicable alternatives and mitigation measures; and
  4. recommendation of any ecological monitoring programme to be required.

The guidelines for conducting an ecological assessment and the criteria for evaluating ecological impact are laid down in Annexes 8 and 16 of the Technical Memorandum under the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance.

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Last Review Date : 06 September 2013