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Why do we develop the coral field guide?


The key objectives of the study are to verify and document the number and identity of hard coral species found in Hong Kong. With the assistance of international coral taxonomists, a total of 84 stony species, from 28 genera of 12 families were confirmed.




The coral diversity recorded in this study is much higher than that reported previously from Hong Kong waters (i.e. about 50-63 species). We have set up a reference collection containing a complete set of all 84 hard coral specimens for public education and exhibition.




The aim of this webpage is to provide basic introduction to coral structure and biology and brief summary of Hong Kong's coral fauna based on the above study findings. A field guide documenting 20 coral species commonly found in Hong Kong's marine parks is presented.



Field characteristic and appearance and technical key for identification of these coral species are described. Through this webpage, we hope to generate a wide interest and understanding on the diversity and significance of our coral fauna and increase public awareness and support on coral conservation.


The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department would like to acknowledge Marine Science Laboratory of the Chinese University of Hong Kong for compiling this Coral Field Guide.

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Last Review Date : 08 February 2018