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Hong Kong Corals & the Associated Marine Life

Hong Kong Corals & the Associated Marine Life

> Other marine organisms  

Phylum Arthropoda - Crabs

Spotted Box Crab

        Spotted Box Crab          
Calappa  philargius  (Calappidae)

The thin, spindly legs of box crabs can be withdrawn close to the body, giving them a box-like appearance. Spotted Box-crabs are most easily seen at night when they emerge from the sand for feeding.


Box crab is also known as shame faced crab because its claws are held in front of the head, looking like hiding its face behind the claws.


Box Crab

        Box Crab          
Calappa gallus

Blue-swimming Crab
            Blue-swimming Crab                  Portunus  pelagicus      (Portunidae)

The Blue-swimming Crab is a local delicacy. It is often seen half buried in sand or mud.




The species of commensal crab is always associated with crinoids, often occurring as a male and female pair.


Tropiometra afra

Tropiometra  afra

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