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Hong Kong Corals & the Associated Marine Life

Hong Kong Corals & the Associated Marine Life

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Phylum Chordata - Reef Fish (Sub-phylum Vertebrata)

Zebra Turkeyfish Dendrochirus zebra
Zebra Turkeyfish
   Dendrochirus  zebra  (Scorpaenidae)

This species is quite common in local waters, turkey and lionfish. It sometimes occurs on shallow coral communities but more often inhabits exposed rocky reefs to at least 15 m depth. The spines are poisonous and should be avoided.

Red Lionfish
Red Lionfish  Pterois  volitans 
Bearded Ghoul

   BeardedGhoul    Inimicus didactylus (Scorpaenidae)

Inimicus species are members of the scorpionfish family (Scorpaenidae) like the common Marbled rockfish,  Sebastiscus  marmoratus. They are characterised by long and extremely venomous dorsal spines, protruding eyes and 2 or 3 free rays at the front of the pectoral fin that can be used to pull the fish over the sand. Inimicus didactylus is one of five Inimicus species known from South China Sea although this is the first species recorded from Hong Kong.


It is characterised by the large pectoral fins with numerous dark brown spots and wavy blue lines near the margins. Three Dactyloptena species were recorded in Hong Kong, but this species is the only one that can be observed in shallow water.

Oriental Flying Gurnard Dactyloptena orientalis
   Oriental Flying Gurnard    Dactyloptena   orientalis  (Dactylopteridae)
Rock Grouper Epinephelus fasciatomaculosus

               Rock Grouper             Epinephelus  fasciatomaculosus  (Serranidae)

Hong Kong Grouper Epinephelus akaara

            Hong Kong Grouper         Epinephelus   akaara  (Serranidae)

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