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Sites of special scientific interest

Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs)

  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) are land or marine-based sites by reason of their biological and/or geological importance. The listing of SSSI is primarily an administrative device to alert government departments about the scientific importance of such sites, and that due consideration should be given to conservation when developments at or close to these sites are proposed. AFCD is consulted for proposed developments at or in the proximity to SSSIs.
  • Proposals for SSSI can be initiated by AFCD, non-governmental organisations, academic institutions or individuals. Any proposals must be supported by scientifically robust evidence. In general, AFCD is responsible for assessing their scientific importance. Proposals for biological SSSIs are assessed against the following major criteria:
    • its naturalness, uniqueness or rarity in a territory-wide context;
    • its scientific value in a territorial or regional context; and
    • whether it is representative or typical of its kind.
  • After the SSSI is listed, the Register of SSSI kept by the Planning Department will be updated.

  • The Register of SSSI can be inspected at the Planning Department:

  • For enquiries or proposals on SSSI, please contact us by emailing mailbox@afcd.gov.hk.

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