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Pak Lap Campsite

Pak Lap Campsite
Location: Pak Lap (Man Yee Road at High Island Reservoir), Sai Kung East Country Park 
Campsite Category: Small (Remarks)
Accessibility: Difficult; suitable for experienced hikers and campers
Introduction: Situated adjacent to Man Yee Road, it is close to the East dam of High Island Reservoir and idyllic Pak Lap Village. Campers are surrounded by a scenic view throughout the journey with the final destination overlooking an offshore islands in Rocky Harbour. At dawn, one can go to the East dam and watch the rising sun from the ocean lined horizon.
Facilities: Barbeque pits, benches and tables
Hygienic facilities: Portable toilet
Source of water: Stream water (seasonal supply)

Pak Lap Wan and Pak Lap Village - Pak Lap Village is situated inside Pak Lap Wan which has 300-year history. This Hakka village features a silky beach a temple which is used for traditional blessing.

Po Pin Chau - It is located opposite to the East dam of High Island Reservoir. Because of wave corrosion, it was separated from Sai Kung continent ten million years ago. The small island is formed by splendid hexagonal volcanic stone columns.

Country trails: MacLehose Trail - Stage1
How to get there: From Sai Kung Bus Terminal take Bus 94, or take Bus 96R at the Diamond Hill MTR Bus Terminal on Sundays and statutory holidays, Minibus 7 (Hoi Ha) or Minibus 9 (Lady MacLehose Holiday Village) at Sai Kung Town. Then get off at Pak Tam Chung stop. Follow the carriageway of the first stage of MacLehose Trail towards High Island Reservoir. You then walk along the Man Yee Road, which leads you to the West Dam. The whole journey takes about two hours.
Remarks: The campsites are categorized into 3 size classes with reference to the number of potential tent space which is estimated based on the approximate size of a 4-person tent and the required cooking space and access pathway for campers. This is for reference only.
Campsite category: Small / Medium / Large
Small: for category with less than 20 tent spaces.
Medium: for category with 20 – 50 tent spaces.
Large: for category with more than 50 tent spaces.





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