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In the light of the latest developments of COVID-19, there is a need to put in place measures to reduce social contact.The 163 barbecue sites and 41 campsites under the management of the AFCD are now closed until further notice. During the closure of the above facilities, no one should carry out barbecuing or camping activities in country parks. AFCD staff will step up patrols of the sites concerned.

The AFCD will continue to closely monitor the situation and review the above arrangement as appropriate. Latest updates on the facilities in the country parks are available on the "Enjoy Hiking" website: www.hiking.gov.hk. The AFCD reminds visitors to country parks to wear a mask, maintain personal and environmental hygiene and social distancing. Visitors should properly handle used masks and waste and "Take Your Litter Home".


There are 41 designated campsites at country parks throughout Hong Kong.
Please take reference to "Country Park Hiking Safety Guidelines" for safe countryside activities

Due to extremely low precipitation in the last twelve months, water supply is beginning a problem at many campsites. Campers may need to bring along water for drinking and cooking purposes . Please check before you plan a camp.

Please take reference to "Camping Code and Regulations".

Campsites No. Campsites
1 Lau Shui Heung Campsite
2 Hok Tau Campsite
3 Chung Pui Campsite

4 Sam A Chung Campsite
5 Tung Ping Chau Campsite
6 Wan Tsai South Campsite 
7 Wan Tsai West Campsite
8 Cheung Sheung Campsite
9 Hau Tong Kai Campsite
10 Tai Tan Campsite
11 Wong Shek Campsite
12 Pak Tam Au Campsite
13 Sai Wan Campsite
14 Long Ke Wan Campsite
15 Pak Lap Campsite
16 Yuen Ng Fan (Nam Fung Wan) Campsite
17 Po Kwu Wan Campsite
18 Yee Ting Campsite
19 Shui Long Wo Campsite
20 Ngong Ping Campsite (Ma On Shan)
21 Tung Lung Chau Campsite
22 Lead Mine Pass Campsite
23 Rotary Club Campsite
24 Twisk Campsite
25 Ho Pui Campsite
26 Tin Fu Tsai Campsite
27 Nam Shan Campsite
28 Pak Fu Tin Campsite
29 Shap Long Campsite
30 Lo Kei Wan Campsite
31 Shek Lam Chau Campsite
32 Tai Long Wan Campsite
33 Kau Ling Chung Campsite
34 Man Cheung Po Campsite
35 Nga Ying Kok Campsite
36 Tsin Yue Wan Campsite
37 Ngong Ping Campsite (Lantau)
38 Kong Ha Au Campsite
39 Shek Pik Campsite
40 Ham Tin Wan Campsite
41 Tai Mong Tsai Campsite






Campsite Distribution Map

Chapter 208A《Country Parks and Special Areas Regulations》Regulation 11(3)

No person shall camp or erect a tent or temporary shelter within a country park or special area except – 

  1. in accordance with a permit in writing granted by the Authority; and
  2. in a designated camping site

Camping Guide (PDF 197 KB)

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