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Tin Fu Tsai Campsite

Tin Fu Tsai Campsite
Location: Tin Fu Tsai, Tai Lam Country Park
Campsite Category: Medium (Remarks)
Accessibility: Easy; for beginners
Introduction: Set in the heart of Tai Lam Country Park, this site is located next to the Tin Fu Tsai Village. The pleasant environment used to be Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department's "Forest Station" and served as a base for afforestation scheme. A wooden bridge (with 1.5m wide, 2.5 m high and 1m long) straddles the campsite over a tranquil stream. The site lies along Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail and has been a resting point for commuters days in the old days.
Facilities: Barbeque pits, benches and tables, drains.
Hygienic facilities: Mobile toilets
Source of water: Stream water (seasonal supply)

Ho Pui Reservoir: It was voted as one of the Ten Best Hong Kong Scenery Sports, the smallest reservoir is managed by Water Supplies Department. Apart from its fantastic vantage point atop of the reservoir, the water is used for irrigating agricultural lands in North-west New Territories.

Tai Lam Chung Reservoir: It was formed by drowning the Tai Lam Chung valley. The valley runs in the direction of north-east to south-west, aligning with the major fault extending through the reservoir region.

Tin Fu Tsai Village: Founded 300 years ago by Choi clan, there were about several hundred villagers during the peak time. It was considered a large and influential village in the Pat Heung area. Some indigenous villagers still live there today.

Country trails: MacLehose Trail - Stage 9
How to get there:

Method 1:
Take Bus 51 (Sheung Tsuen-bound) from Nina Tower Bus Terminus or the bus stop atop of Tsuen Wan MTR station. Get off at bus stop “Tai Mo Shan Country Park”. Walk from the Twisk Country Park Management Centre at Stage 9 of the MacLehose Trail for about 2 hours.

Method 2:
From Sham Tseng, walk past Tsing Fai Tong to reach the campsite. It takes about 1.5 hours.

Minibus telephone enquiry: 2669 0737

Remarks: The campsites are categorized into 3 size classes with reference to the number of potential tent space which is estimated based on the approximate size of a 4-person tent and the required cooking space and access pathway for campers. This is for reference only.
Campsite category: Small / Medium / Large
Small: for category with less than 20 tent spaces.
Medium: for category with 20 – 50 tent spaces.
Large: for category with more than 50 tent spaces.





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