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Shek Lam Chau Campsite

Shek Lam Chau Campsite
Location: Shek Lam Chau, Lantau South Country Park
Campsite Category: Small (Remarks)
Accessibility: Strenuous; suitable for experienced campers and hikers
Introduction: The area is situated on the southwest side of Shek Mun Shan at Stage 9 of Lantau Trail – distance post L092. Originally used as farmland, it is still rich in natural resources and today many fishermen frequent the local waters. This area also boasts an attractive beach, called Shek Lam Chau, where some former farming patterns may still be apparent.
Facilities: Barbeque pits, benches, drains and cloth lines
Hygienic facilities: Dry toilet pit
Source of water: Stream water (seasonal supply)
Highlights: Soko Islands are made up of two islands. More than 22 species of fishes and Chinese White Dolphin as well as large number of coral inhabited nearby.
Country trails: Lantau Trail - Stage 9 and Shek Pik Country Trail
How to get there: From Tung Chung Town, take Bus 11 to Tai O or Bus 23 to Ngong Ping; or from Mui Wo, get on Bus 1 towards Tai O or Bus 2 towards Ngong Ping. Get off at Shek Pik Police Stand and walk along Lantau Trail Stage 9 towards Shek Lam Chau direction. It takes about 40 minutes.
Remarks: The campsites are categorized into 3 size classes with reference to the number of potential tent space which is estimated based on the approximate size of a 4-person tent and the required cooking space and access pathway for campers. This is for reference only.
Campsite category: Small / Medium / Large
Small: for category with less than 20 tent spaces.
Medium: for category with 20 – 50 tent spaces.
Large: for category with more than 50 tent spaces.





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