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Aberdeen Fitness Trail

Aberdeen Fitness Trail
Location: Aberdeen Reservoir, Aberdeen Country Park

The trail is about 2.1 km in length. It is a circular route starting from the entrance of Aberdeen Country Park near Yue Kwong Chuen. This trail features 13 exercise stops with a flat trail at the beginning. After going upstairs and a section of downhill road, you will be back to the starting point. The difficulty level is medium.

The facilities at the exercise stops include a push-up stand, a lateral jump stand, an inclined ladder, a sit-up bench, a horizontal ladder, a kangaroo jump stand, a stump walk, a chin-up bar, a balance beam and legs lift bars.

How to get there: Get off at Yue Kwong Chuen in Aberdeen by Bus no. 7, 76, 95 or 971 or Minibus no. 4B or 4C. Then walk uphill along Aberdeen Reservoir Road for 5 minutes to the starting point of the Fitness Trail.



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