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Education and Publicity

Public Education Activities

Apart from the education activities for schools and non-profit organizations, AFCD also organises seminars, mobile exhibition and guided tours for the general public.

Public Seminars

We organise seminars on different topics of marine ecology and marine parks in Hong Kong for the public every year. Marine ecologists and conservation experts are invited to share their research findings and experience on fascinating marine environment with our participants. For more information, please visit here.

Mobile Exhibitions

AFCD organises mobile exhibitions at different venues, such as shopping centres and Country Park Visitor Centres, to promote marine parks programme. Backgrounds of the marine parks program and the basic marine conservation information would be displayed.

Hoi Ha Wan Ecotours

AFCD organises public guided tours for visitors at Hoi Ha Wan on Sunday and Public Holidays. Our trained ecotour guides lead the participants to take a 90 minutes walk along the Hoi Ha Wan Education Path. Through the guided walk, we introduce the biological and ecological features of corals, mangroves and seashore creatures found along the coast and demostrated the proper ways for visitors to appreciate the natural environment. More details on this service is available on webpage of "Visitor Services".

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